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Traditional Program At the core of our Traditional Program is Taekwondo a martial art of Korean origin. However we do not limit our curriculum to just one style of martial art because every martial art has its strengths and weaknesses. So by including other styles such as Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing, we are able to address the weaknesses of one style with the strengths of another. Our Traditional Program is broken out into three (3) different types of classes: Children’s, Adult and Family. The curriculum is the same for all three classes. Each belt level is laid out with a set of requirements that a student must learn and demon- strate in order to move on to the next belt level. However in the Children’s class depending on the students, age and maturity level, there may be requirements that will be pushed out until we feel the material is more appropriate for them. In these situations this does not prevent the student from progressing it just means the material will be introduced at a later time. We offer (2) Children’s Programs: Little Dragons Ages 4 to 6 and our standard childrens class for Ages; 7 to 12 There are a number of benefits that your child will gain from participating in our classes. First our reward system helps improve self-esteem. The belt system is the key, with each new belt comes a sense of accomplishment. Second our program teaches discipline. We enforce good rules of behavior in and outside of class. We also work closely with the parents if a student is acting out at home or in school. Third our activities channel children’s aggression. Last but not least, our program teaches your child essential self-defense skills, through practical, proven self-defense methods. They will also learn if and when it is appropriate to use what they have learned. Both classes cover the same materials but they are broken down and presented differently based on age group. The other difference is class length, the Little Dragons class is a 1/2 hour long, while the standard Children’s class is 1 hour long. Adult Program: Ages 13 and up In the Adult program, the workouts are a great way to get in shape, relieve stress and at the same time learn to defend yourself. The classroom practice sessions help give you confidence by teaching you realistic self-defense that could save your life. Everything we teach is reality based, so you will be prepared to handle most any situation. All the while we will make the classes fun and exciting. We learned a long time ago that if students are having fun, they learn much faster. Family Program: The family program combines the benefits of both the Children’s and Adults program by allowing the entire family to train together in the same class.